help alliance raises awareness for children with autism

Finally, after months of planning, over 300 autistic children could celebrate a special Day just for them. help alliance had teamed up with their long term partner Saigon Children’s Charity and the Vietnam Autism Network (VAN) to make this idea of a special day for children with Autism come true.

At the Event “Day of ours” the children were able to compete in running and swimming competitions and were offered various different play-counters, where they could learn new games. At a special art exhibition the children could also present their arts and crafts. Their families, teachers and social workers were invited to join the Festivities, discover special learning tools, exchange their experiences and talk about their struggles with raising an autistic child.


Because of their behavioral difficulties in communication and poor social communication severe autistic children have often difficulties in being accepted in public places or amusement parks. Their parents are susceptible to other people’s attitudes and are very reluctant to take their child out. This reduces the chance of social inclusion of autistic children. That’s why VAN had decided to plan a special day, which would help to create a more suitable playground for children in Vietnam and give families and teachers the tools to help them to raise a child with autism. The day further gave the families the opportunity to get to know each other and therefore to create a stronger community of families with autistic children.

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