Lufthansa Technik Services India supports help alliance project in Delhi

10.200 Euros enable tutoring for children

Every year Lufthansa Technik Services India (LTSI) supports a social project in India. This year LTSI chose the Sunshine Project in India, which is supported by help alliance. The project cares for children living in poverty and opens the way to education and a regulated environment. Around 267 children, aged between five and 21, are cared for in the Sunshine Project.

“The Sunshine Project strengthens the children and helps them to break out of the cycle of poverty. Many of the children supported by the project have found a good job and can thus support their families and the younger children in the project. We absolutely wanted to support this project,” says Luigi Celmi, Managing Director of LTSI.


Luigi Celmi travelled with some colleagues from LTSI and Lufthansa Cargo to the project in Delhi and symbolically delivered the 10,200 euros to Kuku Aurora, the local supervisor of the project. “During our visit we had the opportunity to get to know Kuku and many of the children in the project and to better understand their needs, but also their wishes. It is really incredible to see how much is being moved in the project. During one of our last visits, for example, one of the older children approached us and spoke fluent German to us. After his studies, he took German lessons, which were also supported by the project. This helped him find a job in an Austrian company based in Delhi,” he continues.

With the LTSI donation, private lessons are booked for the children to learn German – a milestone in their educational path. “I was overwhelmed when I learned that Lufthansa Technik Bangalore chose the Sunshine Project for their annual CSR donation. We hope this will be the start of a close cooperation between Lufthansa Technik, help alliance and the Sunshine Project”, Julia Hillebrecht, one of the help alliance project leaders states.


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