Miles & More and Mastercard support help alliance with 200,000 Euro

The donation came together at action “you fly, we donate”.


The help alliance Miles & More and Mastercard presented a cheque for 200,000 euros for projects in the promotion of education and income generation. The sum came about through a joint campaign by Miles & More and Mastercard, which took place in December under the motto “You fly, we donate”.

Miles & More, in cooperation with Mastercard, donated two euros for every flight booking with Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines or SWISS that was paid for with a Lufthansa Miles & More Credit Card from 1 to 24 December.

Miles & More then rounded up the amount collected to 200,000 euros to benefit these help alliance projects: primary school for township children in Cape Town, South Africa, child protection centre in Pattaya, Thailand and educational programme for underprivileged children in Düsseldorf, Germany. The charitable aid organization of the Lufthansa Group is financed exclusively by donations and the projects supported are supervised by Lufthansa Group employees on a voluntary basis.

In addition, Mastercard donates two school meals per flight booking to the World Food Programme, the United Nations World Food Programme, to support children in developing countries.

Sebastian Riedle, Managing Director and Florian Heurich, Head of Payment DACH at Miles & More GmbH, Peter Bakenecker, Divisional President Germany and Switzerland, and Andreas Mechler, Vice President at Mastercard presented the cheque to Andrea Pernkopf, Managing Director of the help alliance, on behalf of the companies.





l.t.r.: Florian Heurich, Head of Payment DACH Miles & More GmbH,  Andreas Mechler, Vice President Mastercard, Andrea Pernkopf, Managing Director help alliance, Sebastian Riedle, Managing Director Miles & More GmbH & Peter Bakenecker, Divisional President Germany and Switzerland Mastercard

“We are delighted about the donation and would also like to thank the holders of the Lufthansa Miles & More Credit Card, who help us to give children and young people in particular a perspective on a self-determined life in more than 40 aid and education projects,” says Andrea Pernkopf. “We are proud of our initiative, which emerged almost 20 years ago from the middle of the workforce and is active where help is most urgently needed.

“We are delighted to be able to support the help alliance together with our partner Mastercard – and will continue to pursue the projects in the long term,” says Sebastian Riedle. “The fact that so much money has been raised in this short period shows how active our participants were in doing something good with their bookings.

“The help alliance and the World Food Programme are committed to the education of children around the world and the fight against hunger. Together with our partner Miles & More, we are delighted to be able to support the important work of both initiatives,” says Peter Bakenecker.

Another fundraising campaign with the Lufthansa Miles & More Credit Card is planned for 2019. In addition, participants can donate their collected bonus miles to help alliance projects all year round. More information can be found at

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