From the street into school

240 Indian street children from the Street Smart Project of help alliance to start school this year

It is the small things in the world that have a large effect: together with help alliance and its numerous supporters and volunteers, the Street Smart Project was able to provide an even better education to street children, in order to then send them to regular school. The project, which actively approaches local street children in the Indian slums of Dehradun and draws their attention to the educational programs, is flourishing: this year, the project will successfully send 240 street children to school, where they will receive a basic education which they would otherwise be denied. “To see them going to school, in their new school uniforms, holding rucksacks and drinking bottles, fills our hearts with pure joy,” says Neelu Khanna, who is responsible for the project in India together with her colleague Sheila Brijnath.

The educational facility offers children not only education, but also food and medical support. In addition, the children can live there if they need to. After a few months, the children are then in a position to attend a regular school. Afternoon tutoring is also available, an offer that is taken up by approx. 450 children.

The project initially did not intend to take on any more children for the time being, if this meant that the quality of education and care of the children might suffer. “We are even happier that we are able to share everything we have achieved so far with even more children – that is, even better educational opportunities for even more children,” says Khanna.

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Computer courses for street children

A major part of the educational program at Street Smart are computer skills, which are becoming increasingly important in today’s job market everywhere. In addition to the relevance of computer affinity, the use of e-learning and online programs has a major positive influence on the children’s learning levels. They are so enthusiastic that they take part in the program of Street Smart more regularly. E-learning enables interactive and creative learning, so that the children literally absorb the knowledge enthusiastically and at the same time improve their grasp. A further benefit is that computer-aided learning helps accelerate the fight against illiteracy. This way, every child has an opportunity for education, and hopefully a better life beyond the slums.

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